Toddler Potty Training

The Best Potty Training Must Haves For Every Parent

One toddler, so many milestones! But one of the most crucial is potty training. To make it easier, there are some potty training must haves you should consider. Ideally, experts say that two to three years is an ideal potty training age for toddlers. It might sound overwhelming to train such young kids for first-time mommies.

But trust us, the process becomes much simpler if you have all the essentials. This is what this blog post is about. So, stay with us as we outline the top potty training must haves that every parent should know about.

Potty training must haves

Potty Chair

Potty chairs come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some need emptying, and some need flushing. Some come with a lid, while some are open. The list of such options is endless. These chairs play a vital role in helping toddlers to relieve themselves independently. So, ensure you get a potty chair before you begin potty training. For the best selling potty chairs, view my article best potty training chairs.

Potty Seat

Potty seats are a good option if you have a space crunch. Mothers find it convenient as they do not need to worry about cleaning faeces or urine. Moreover, you can also flush the waste directly into the main pot. Are you also looking for the best potty training seat for your child? You can get a lot of options in terms of size, color, and pattern, both online and offline. 

Step Stool

Step stools can play a vital role in potty training your toddler. For example, it can help them reach the toilet seat or wash hands after the potty. A single-step stool is good for potty training. However, if you plan to use it for other purposes, you can go for multiple-step stools. 

Below are some options:

BlueSnail Double up Step Stool for Kids

  • Two stools in one-use together or separately, Interlocking design keeps stools securely attached when used together.
  • Wide sturdy standing platforms, non-slip bases can help toddlers stand firmly.


Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool for Kids

  • HIGHLY DURABLE – This highly durable foldable stool is made for kids and can hold up to 300 pounds.
  • SPACE EFFICIENT – The stool is designed in a way to conserve space after it is folded up. 


Step Stool for Kids (2 Pack)

With non-slip rubber strip inserts under four sides of our step stool to ensure that when your children step onto the stool it won’t budge. With pink rubber dots on the surface to maximize grip and safety. Holds up to 170lb, don’t worry the step stool will not be damaged.


KidKraft Wooden Two-Step Children’s Stool with Handles

  • The KidKraft wooden two step stool brings kids two steps closer to independence.
  • Sturdy wood construction makes this ideal for kids who like to do things on their own.


Baby Wipes

This cute little packet can be your best companion in this process. The baby sometimes cannot reach the washroom to relieve himself on time. Keeping a wet wipe packet handy can help in a quick clean-up. It becomes a boon when you are traveling and cannot find a washroom nearby. Definitely keep a pack in your diaper bag or handbag. These are still useful when your kids get older.

Training Pants

Training pants are fuss-free potty-training essentials that can prevent leakages during the initial days of potty training. They come somewhere between cloth diapers and underwear. They absorb better than underwear but less than cloth diapers.

These pants come in many colors and patterns, which your baby will love. You can use these pants for three to four months until your child is completely potty trained. 

Here are some popular options:

Pull-Ups New Leaf Girls’ Potty Training Pants

Cottony-soft, gentle & breathable pant material with high absorbency and up to 12 hours of Pull-Ups’ trusted leak protection. Softest training underwear crafted with plant-based ingredients for healthy skin 


Paw Patrol Baby Potty Training Pants Multipack

Super soft combed cotton outer shell surrounds the polyester mesh intended to teach you child to acknowledge and act upon small leaks.


BIG ELEPHANT Toddler Potty Training Pants

A learning liner gives the sensation of wetness to alert toddlers to use the potty. Big Elephant toilet potty training pants are the perfect step away from nappies towards big-kid pants! 


Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Boys and Girls

  • Potty-train like a hero with PJ Masks Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants
  • Soft and comfy, underwear-like fit
  • Easy changing with Easy-Tear Sides


Mattress Protector

Potty training takes time. Till then, your baby’s mattress should not get messed up. So, get a waterproof mattress protector to keep the toddler’s bed stain-free, dry, and clean. Moreover, getting a machine washable mattress will also be a great idea here. 


Once you have decided to stop putting diapers on your baby, get him some colorful underwear that will excite him. Let him choose his favorite for the day. Also, constantly motivate him to keep the underwear clean and stain-free for further use. It is one of the most important things to consider while preparing for potty training.

Easy-to-remove Clothes

Make sure you invest in easy-to-wear clothes while potty training your toddler. It will help him undress independently and rush to the washroom or his potty seat at the earliest. At the same time, this kind of clothing will also help you clean the baby quickly. Sweatpants, loose shorts, or similar dresses are ideal during this process. 

Faucet Extender

Experts also recommend getting a faucet extender to help little hands reach the bathroom sink. This handy little thing effortlessly adjusts to your current faucet and extends to the edge of the sink. To multiply the excitement, get a colorful or animal-shaped faucet extender. Apart from this, also ensure that you maintain the temperature of the water when your kid learns to use the sink. Below is an example available on Amazon:

Potty Time Activities

You should always have something interesting to keep your toddler on the potty seat. It can be anything, such as toys, mobile, storybooks, etc. These things will keep the child occupied and make the entire process less messy for the mother. Below are some great, fun potty training books:

Potty Time for Boys

Simple, effective and fun potty training book that goes through the process of toilet  training for a boy.


Potty Time for Girls

Simple, effective and fun potty training book that goes through the process of toilet  training for a girl.


Come Out Mr Poo!

Fun, colorful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. This book has helped countless children who struggle to do a poop in the potty or toilet.


P is for Potty!

P is for Potty is the perfect mix of fun and learning for potty-training toddlers.  Sturdy flaps will hold up to hours of repeat lifting and peeking..


Potty Training Must Haves – That’s a Wrap!

So, this was all about potty training your toddler. You see, the list of such potty-training essentials is endless. But you need to pick the ones that will help your child learn to use the washroom at the earliest. Moreover, this process might seem taxing initially. But once you are into it, everything will fall into place. 

Last but not least, mothers should not expect results in three days. Have some patience and let the child absorb this sudden transition. With the help of these must-haves and tips, you will be at much ease during potty training your little star. 

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