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Potty Training Boys – Best Tips and Tricks

Want to know all about potty training boys? Boys usually have a bigger learning curve as compared to girls in potty training. Research suggests that their brain develops differently than girls. Boys repeat a task several times to learn it. Moreover, they get bored easily and don’t like repeatedly doing the same thing.

So, they may seem to be into their potty training at a glance, but they might be wondering about their cars and Legos. Another aspect to consider here is that boys have to learn a two-step process in their potty training.

To smoothen this process, here are some practical, tried and tested tips for toilet training boys.

Potty Training Boys

Show a Tutorial

The best way to initiate potty training for your son is by showing him a tutorial video. Many potty training videos are available on YouTube to help kids learn the basics. Mothers can also watch such videos to take potty training cues from them. Learning with a book that takes them through the process in a fun way is also a good way to show them – the book – Potty Time for Boys is one that I have used.

Let him grasp things as per his understanding. Afterward, discuss what he understood and how he is going to implement it. Correct him if he is wrong, and guide him through the right process.

Start with Sitting

Toilet training boys can become challenging at times. Toddlers can find it difficult to understand when to stand up and when to sit down. So experts recommend starting with sitting first.

Teach them to sit on the potty seat for everything. Let them understand what happens when they are without a diaper. Later on, you can move to the other parts.

Ask for a Male Intervention

Kids usually learn better by imitating an older family member. So, you can ask his dad or elder brother to intervene in the process. Let your son imitate these male members and understand the nuances of toilet etiquette. It is also a great idea to help your child understand the essence of standing, once he has aced the sitting system.

Move Outside

Feel free to move out if you sense that the washroom is making your toddler claustrophobic and more fussy. Take all the potty training essentials to your balcony or backyard (privacy and weather permitting).

You can also train him in the public washrooms to open his awkwardness of peeing and pooping in public. However, ensure the washrooms are well-maintained and safe for use.

Get the Right Potty-Training Gear

Ensure you have all the essentials when you start potty training your son. Potty seats, training pants, step stools, wet wipes, mattress protectors, and faucet extenders are some of the most important tools here.

Please note that potty training chairs also play a vital role in this process. So, make sure you pick it wisely for your child. You can also research the best potty training chairs online to gather more information on the different options available in the market.

Start Gradually

The secret is to start potty training gradually and then shift to the complex part. If the child isn’t showing positive signs even after many attempts, it’s high time you consider taking a break.

Relax your son and start the next day afresh. If you feel the child is too young to grasp the concept, you should wait and try again after a few months.

Get Ready to Devote Time

Please understand that you cannot potty train your son overnight. It is time-consuming and demands a lot of patience from your end. So, ensure you have ample time for this process. It is better to start on a weekend when you can invest time pampering and convincing your toddler to start using the toilet.

Practice with Toilet Targets

Target practice is one of the most crucial parts of boys’ potty training, which mothers sometimes overlook. Once the child has learned the sitting posture, you can gradually shift him to the standing one.

Toss a few flushable and floatable objects like Fruit Loops or Cheerios and ask your child to target it. It is a smart way to teach him toilet etiquette without messing around.

Get some Fun Gear

Kids constantly need something in hand to play with. So, why don’t you use this trick to keep your boy glued on his potty seat? You can sing songs, show him fun videos, tell stories, and play games. It is one of the best ways to potty train your son.

Potty Training Tips for Boys

So, these are some simple and effective potty training boys tips. You can make this process enjoyable by adding some creative elements to it.

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