Toddler Potty Training

Potty Training Age

Potty Training Age

Wanting to know what potty training age is best to start potty training or when should you start potty training? This is a common question by most parents, especially new parents.

Kids develop and go through many milestones. Learning to use the toilet is another one. The thought of being diaper free, to not have to carry a diaper bag and all the accessories that go with it. To be able to leave the house with a child in under 10 minutes are all great reasons why having a potty trained child is bliss.

So, to answer your question up front. If you are not using the infant potty training or elimination communication method where you start potty training as a baby, the most common potty training age is between 2 and 3 years of age. However, there is a “but” with this, which is, there is no point trying to toilet train if your child isn’t showing signs of readiness.

When Should You Potty Train?

It’s not always up to you to decide if your child should start potty training. There are cues that your child will start displaying when he/she is ready for potty time. Your child typically will begin to show independence and that they are eager to please. Here are some of the main signs they will show if your child is of the right potty training age.

  • Pulls off a wet or dirty diaper
  • Hides when trying to pee or poop
  • Interest in using the potty or toilet
  • The diaper remains dry longer than usual
  • Waking up dry after a nap
  • Informing you that they need to go

Potty Training Age

If your child is showing readiness and between 2-3 years of age, then this is the best time to start potty training. Some children have been known to start from 18 months and others between 3-4 years of age. Each child is different and it sometimes depends on different circumstances. The birth of a sibling or starting day care for example can at times impact the start times or success of potty training. Also, some parents like to start potty training in the summer or warmer months given that it is easier if your child is wearing light clothes or wandering around only in underwear.

Typically, even if you start potty training at age 2, your child won’t be completely day time potty trained until the age of 3. Again, this is different for each child. Some children will get it down pat in a week with very few accidents, whereas others can take 12 months. Also, they may be great at weeing in the potty but pooping may be another story. My daughter took 12 months to master doing poops in the toilet.

Night Time Potty Training Age

Night time toilet training is different again. Once day time potty training is sorted, you can turn your attention to night time toilet training. Again, there are signs that your child maybe ready for this and it is not worth the discomfort for the child or the pain for you (changing sheets, clothes etc) if they are not.

If you child is waking up dry in the morning or wants to try without a diaper then it is worth giving night time toilet training a go. Remember, ensure you have the right potty training tools, like mattress covers or bed mats to help with the clean up as accidents will happen. Sometimes boys will take longer to be night time toilet trained and this is completely normal. However, if your child is 6 or 7 years old and still having toilet training troubles then it is best to get them checked by your local medical professional.

Final Words

So, in summary the most common potty training age is 2-3 years old. However, as highlighted above, every child is different and it is more about when they are ready to begin and when you are ready to follow through and be consistent. Remember, accidents will happen so be patient but the rewards are great once your child is diaper free!

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