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Many parents would probably agree that potty training is a challenging aspect you have to take on once you become a parent. Perhaps you’ve already been potty training your kid for quite some time, and it’s looking to be a success so far!

But even so, the problem you’ll now have to deal with is how they potty in public places, especially when you go out on trips as a family. It would be terrifying for most toddlers to try and poo in big, noisy public restrooms that they’re not accustomed to since it may be overwhelming for them.

If this is the case, then maybe it’s time for you to be on the lookout for a travel potty seat. It’s usually inevitable to experience a bit of an accident when your child has to relieve themselves, but getting the best travel potty will help make it easier and less hassling.

What is a Travel Potty?

Travel potties are portable potties that you can bring with you anywhere for convenient use. They’re especially helpful if you’re on the road and your toddler can’t afford to wait until the next stop to poo. They usually come with disposable bags when there are no nearby restrooms or toilets. Some are also foldable potty seats that function as normal toilets.

All in all, travel potties are easy to carry and are very lightweight. If you’re traveling, they can usually be brought alongside a carrying case or bag. That said, you’d want to find the best travel potty that you can use for your toddler. However, these all largely depend on his/her preferences and how you’re planning to use them.

Here are some of the best travel potties that you can choose from, including their significant features as well as advantages and disadvantages.

1. Kalencom Potette Plus 2-in-1 Potty

The 2-in-1 potty is great as a potty seat and a standalone potty chair, depending on which way you want to use it. The color variety is also striking since it makes it more enticing for your toddlers to be familiar with – all while being practical and convenient at the same time.

It has foldable legs, which are excellent for storage purposes, making it more portable to bring with you when you’re out. It also fits easily within diaper bags or small carriers. If you want to use it as a standalone potty, there are also disposable bags that you can use that come with the product itself.

It’s worth noting that it has a slightly lower pee guard than other toilet seats, though, and you might find it struggle with quickly folding the legs at first.

2. My Carry Potty

Is your toddler not interested in the idea of potty training at all? If so, then this might change their mind. My Carry potty is a travel potty that comes in a wide range of animal styles and designs, and it even folds into an easy-to-carry case! This feature makes it handy and even pushes your toddler to be more independent while letting them have fun during the training as well.

Besides its cute design, it also sports some excellent features, such as a leak-proof seal. This lets you tightly close the potty until you find a decent restroom. This travel potty also makes cleaning easy, plus it doesn’t give the immediate impression that you’re carrying a toilet around during your trip.

3. Jool Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls

The Jool folding travel potty seat folds up to a small size that can fit in a handbag or diaper bag. It is small, convenient, wipeable and fits most toilet seats. You just need to unfold it and place it on top of a standard toilet. This is so easy when out and about.

My daughter used this frequently and it takes the fear away from using a big toilet or a toilet that is not their own.

4. Poppy Travel Potty

Like the Kalencome Potette, this is also a 2-in-1 potty that works great for bigger toddlers, holding up to 110 pounds. Not only is it durable, but it also is convenient to assemble as well.

The poppy potty gives you a more environmental-friendly option when it comes to travel potties. This is ideal for parents who usually try to consider the environmental impact of the products they purchase. The poppy potty is free from PVC, BPA, and it comes with biodegradable disposable liners as well.

5. POKANIC Toilet Potty Training Seat

If you’re trying to stay on budget while still looking for the best travel potty, the Pokanic Travel Potty is your best bet. You get to choose from three cute animal patterns that any boy or girl will adore. Moreover, it also makes potty training less intimidating and stressful for your kids.

This product folds easily, is lightweight, and is also purchased with a carrying bag. It also has anti-slip locks and fits almost all normal toilets. The toilet seat ridges can be tricky to clean, but it is still an ideal option for toddlers who usually can’t wait for the next restroom stop.

Final Word

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to potty training on the go. The best thing to do is decide what you are looking for and your needs. Are you wanting something that is foldable, light and easy to carry to take anywhere like shopping? Or are you looking for a potty that is easy to take away but is sturdy and an all-in-one solution. If you are looking for other essential potty training tools visit my potty training tools page.

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